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When the Heck Did Taylor Kitsch Get So Big?

Seriously, when did Taylor Kitsch make that jump from television to Hollywood? It seemed like only yesterday I was watching my New Jersey Direct TV service watching old Taylor tear it up on Friday Night Lights as everyone’s favorite Tim Riggins. Now, suddenly, the man is going from significant supporting roles in comic book super hero movies to starring in his own film based on the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs – a little something called John Carter.

I mean don’t get me wrong, the man has looks and that alone may be the answer to the question, but lucky for us, he can also act. It just seems a poor prerequisite if looks are all that matter in Hollywood, especially when the standards for moviegoers are higher and actors are expected to, well, act. Either way, it seems like Taylor Kitsch has made it to the big leagues and while his two most well-known Hollywood roles really weren’t all that fantastic, the night is still young for this budding Hollywood superstar and anything could happen. Who knows, the man might even become the next great Daniel Day Lewis or even, dare I say, Heath Ledger. We will just have to wait and see.

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